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Arranging Tips for Finale®
The Finale blog has some excellent tips for arrangers, including some great how-to videos that will help speed up your work flow.
Artist Spotlight
 • Eric Rasmussen  • Alto saxophonist and college professor Eric Rasmussen recently sat down with me over Italian food and shared stories, wit and wisdom from his extensive career with many of the greats. Check it out, along with my other interviews here!
Joe Henderson Interview
Nope, not with me. This one was recorded in 1996 with Bret Primack for JazzTimes magazine, where Joe is joined by John Scofield, also. Great stuff.
Practice, Practice, Practice
This article in the New York Times, Peak Performance: Why Records Fall, cites some research into how the greats become great (hint: it involves the "p-word").
The Meaning of Life
Ok, maybe I haven't solved that one in its entirety. But I'm certain I grok music. For now. Maybe.
Joe Henderson Big Band
Passing through Canadian customs with his luggage, Bobby Hackett was stopped by a customs officer who pointed at his trumpet case and said, "Is that a musical instrument?"
"Sometimes," admitted Bobby.