Artist Interviews
There's no greater resource than the collective knowledge and wisdom of experienced pros. Interviews are added periodically, so check back occassionally or send me an email and I'll put you on my seldom-used Jazz Spam list and alert you whenever a new one is posted.
interview_rasmussen.htm Saxophonist Eric Rasmussen
A Path Forward
December 2022
interview_marsh.htm Saxophonist Steve Marsh
Can Do All Of That
December 2016
interview_robinson.htm Trombonist Doug Robinson
Don't Be Afraid to Turn the Page
July 2012
interview_manson.htm Pianist Nick Manson
Music Is All About Relationships
August 2008
interview_jensen.htm Trumpeter Ingrid Jensen
Hearing The Music
May 2007
interview_saunders.htm Trumpeter Carl Saunders
April 2007
interview_dibartolo.htm Bassist Joel Di Bartolo
Bang Down Those Valves!
November 2006
interview_tmiles.htm Trumpeter Tom Miles
Jazz Is A Language
Februrary 2007
interview_henry.htm Trumpeter Jim Henry
How Badly Do You Want It?
September 2006
interview_monce.htm Trumpeter Dennis Monce
Prepare Yourself
August 2006