Scores & Resources
Jazz Band and Combo Arrangements
Written for 7th through 12th grade jazz band, these arrangements feature relatively simple chord changes for novice soloists, and are interesting melodically and harmonically. The ensemble parts are all playable by advanced junior high ("middle school") jazz band, and would be good sight-reading for high school band (or good for a last-minute addition to a program).
I used to charge $12 a piece for these charts, but frankly, since demand was running on the low side, I figure I'd rather have more students around the globe enjoying them than hold out for a few extra bucks. Priced very inexpensively, you can download them all for less than a decent lunch, and please send me an email to let me know where in the world you are playing them. If you get a nice concert recording of one, I'd love to get a copy and hear how your band sounds.
Also available at TeachersPayTeachers.
Jazz Lessons
These are my downloadable jazz improv lessons. They are similar to other play-along recordings you may have used, but are different in that the emphasis is on ear training and teaching students some basic jazz licks.
The lessons are in mp3 format, complete with rhythm section accompaniment, and include the necessary sheet music (pdf), geared toward the beginning improvisor. NOTE: The demo download is about 4MB, but the lessons, which are about 20 minutes long, are rather large at around 25MB.
Also available at TeachersPayTeachers. The prices here are usually a little cheaper, although I sometimes run special sales there, too.
YouTube Jazz Lessons
** Freebie! ** Check out my Jazz Riff-a-Day videos on YouTube. Great ear training for all styles of music, these daily riffs and tips will help both students and experienced musicians alike learn to improvise.
Finale® Tips
I use version 2010 of Finale® to do my music notation. The learning curve for that software is pretty steep, so I made this page of tips for my own benefit. Most of these tips were written for version 2003a, so some of this information may no longer be applicable with newer versions (for instance, there is no longer a "Mass Edit" tool). Even though I hadn't previously put a public link to this page on my site, a bunch of musos around the world found it anyway and seem to find it useful, so here is the link for the rest of you. (And please don't email me questions about Finale®...)
Folding Music Stand Plans
Detailed DIY plans for constructing a cool little folding cardboard music stand. A cheap alternative to a full-size stand that folds up and slides under your bed. Works great, I use mine every day.
Guitar Sheet Music
Scores for solo guitar works from my YouTube channel.